There are basic steps to setting up your clock. Covered here is the typical procedure for clocks with Rod Chime movements as they are more common. Clocks with Tubular Bell movements will require a more complex and time consuming set-up procedure and in most cases should be performed by an experienced individual. Please refer to additional steps for these clocks.

Setting Up Your Clock

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Step 1

Removed the clock from its box or crate and place it in its desired location. Be sure to move it around a bit to find the position that looks best and allows for easy access during weekly windings.

Once the clock has been placed it must be made as level as possible. Place a level on top of clock to be sure the clock is level both side to side as well as front to back.

Carefully lean the clock while adjusting the feet in each of the bottom corners. It will require trial and error to get the clock as level as possible. It is NOT necessary to make the clock perfectly level just as close as realistically possible. This will assure smooth operation and accurate time keeping. Once leveling is accomplished, the clock should appear sturdy and not easy to rock back and forth.

Step 2

Remove any cardboard and/or tape supports which may have been utilized for shipping. This will include support around the rod chimes and possibly at the location where the cables attach to the base of the movement.

Step 3

It is not uncommon for one or more of the cables to become unattached during transit. If this does occur, simply replace the cable through the pulley and reattach it to the base of the movement. Most clocks will have a small ferrule attached to the cable end that will simply slide into a mounting plate near the cable’s winding wheel.


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