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Step 4

It is recommended to wear soft fabric gloves prior to handling the brass pendulum and weights to eliminate the transfer of body oil which may cause tarnishing.

Carefully lift the pendulum through the front door and towards the rear of the clock. While viewing from side, place the hook at the top of the pendulum arm around the suspension spring or the extension rod located behind the movement.

Step 5

Be sure each pulley is rotated so that the wheel portion of the pulley assembly is hanging on the cable.

Identify the location of each weight by its

Step 6

Once the weights have been installed, start the pendulum swinging by gently pushing it to one side. Be sure to push it hard enough so that it continues to swing. NOTE: If the pendulum stops swinging after just a couple of minutes, simply start the pendulum swinging again. It may be necessary to restart the clock a few times upon initial set up.

designation on the bottom. They will either be identified as LEFT, CENTER, RIGHT or L, C, R. Beginning with the RIGHT side, carefully place each weight on the pulley assembly.


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For Tubular Bell Movements please refer to supplement

 page HERE and proceed with Step 3A.