Setting Up Your Clock (page 4)

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Step 3A

Once the clock has been placed in its desired location and made level it must be  repositioned to install the tubular bells.

Turn the clock 90 degrees from its desired position so that you can gain access to both the back of the clock as well as through the front door.

Step 3B

Remove the rear access panel and remove all of the cardboard and/or tape supports which may have been utilized for shipping.


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Step 3C

It is recommended to wear soft fabric gloves prior to handling the bells to eliminate the transfer of body oil which may cause tarnishing.

Carefully install the bells one at a time through the front door ant towards the back of the clock. This should be accomplished in a continuous move without resting the bell on the clock surface.


Install each bell in sequence beginning with the bell furthest away from your body position and work towards you.

Supplement for Tubular Bell Movements.