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ABOUT THE CLOCKS WE SELL: We sell “slightly” used clocks that are in superb condition. All clocks we sell are cleaned, serviced, oiled and adjusted if necessary. They are allowed to run (and chime) for at least 8 days while being observed for anomalies. Only perfectly running clocks are listed for sale. Our clocks are not low end, chain-driven clocks with lightweight cabinets. They are higher end, cable-driven clocks of heirloom quality. Our starting bid amount is by far the lowest price on the internet for this model clock. Take advantage now and get the clock you have always wanted at a fraction of list price.


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Imperial Miniature by CJ Hug model 500 (circa late 1940s)


-Miniature grandfather clock manufactured by the CJ Hug Company, Highland, IL.
Curved swan neck pediment and removable door
-110V Electric motor-driven (brand new Synchron motor)
-Oak cabinet with hand rubbed stain and finish
-Sweeping second hand and swinging pendulum
-Electric motor-driven,
Westminster chime (4 rods) on quarter hour with hour strike

NOTE: Although this clock has been refurbished and the movement repaired, cleaned and lubricated, it is many years old, therefore, visible repairs and blemishes are evident.

Clock Dimensions:
Height = 19”
Width = 6-3/8”
Depth = 5-1/8”