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ABOUT THE CLOCKS WE SELL: We sell “slightly” used clocks that are in superb condition. All clocks we sell are cleaned, serviced, oiled and adjusted if necessary. They are allowed to run (and chime) for at least 8 days while being observed for anomalies. Only perfectly running clocks are listed for sale. Our clocks are not low end, chain-driven clocks with lightweight cabinets. They are higher end, cable-driven clocks of heirloom quality. Our starting bid amount is by far the lowest price on the internet for this model clock. Take advantage now and get the clock you have always wanted at a fraction of list price.


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Howard Miller model 610-318 *Signed Collector’s Edition*

SALE PRICE = $2,395

Tubular Chimes!


-Limited Collector’s Edition No. 370 of only 500 units made and signed by Howard C. Miller!

-Finished in Dark Mahogany stain with crotch mahogany inlays under satin polyurethane
-Swan neck pediment, embossed rosettes and a turned final with brass spire sit atop the crown
-Intricate brass dial with unique polished nickel center and moon phase and Roman numerals Chapter Ring
-Polished brass simulated mercury pendulum with or without spherical outer ring

-Polished brass weight shells
-Locking main door and hinged side access doors
-Cable-driven, triple chime Urgos movement offers automatic and nighttime chime shut-off option
-Fluted columns with brass top and bottom post caps
-9 Tube (Tubular) Triple Chime Urgos Movement with
polished brass Tubular Bells

NOTE: Although it is our policy to only offer clocks in the finest condition, we sometimes deal with special circumstances. This is the case with this Collector’s Edition Clock. While the movement has gone through a partial rebuild and is in perfect working order, the cabinet is not perfect. The clear finish could use refreshing and there is a 1 inch long dent on the right side column (see image for detail), however, the clock presents itself beautifully and the imperfections are only noticeable upon close-up inspection.

Clock Dimensions:
Height = 86-5/8"
Width = 25-1/2"
Depth = 15-1/2"