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Custom reproduction of 100+ year old Diana Ball Swing Clock. This clock is from a commissioned production of 10 pieces produced to closely replicate an Ansonia Diana Ball Swing Clock. The dimensions and details are nearly identical with only slight differences in construction and appearance.  The original clock statue was made from Spelter which is a lightweight and fragile zinc alloy. This reproduction figure is made from cast bronze so it is much heavier and durable than the original. The swinging clock mechanism is made from brass and steel. The “balls” are a white metal alloy, painted a deep blue color with a satin urethane finish. NOTE: One clock is available with gloss finish on the “balls” (see photo below).


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Diana Ball Swing Clock - Ansonia Reproduction




Gloss Finish Option


- Antiqued Cast Bronze Diana Statue.

- Limited Production of only 10 pieces.

- 4” diameter clock Ball

- 7” diameter base

- 1  second interval escapement

Height = 30"
Width = 7"
Depth = 10"

Weight = 14 lbs.


NOTE: The casting process of the bronze may result in very tiny traces of residual plaster on the statue. The bronze finish has been “antiqued” oil rubbed and the overall presentation is slightly distressed to give it an “antique” appearance. These clocks are intentionally made to look old so while they are new they may not look new. The swing mechanism works as it should and the 8 day, key-wound mechanical clock movement functions in the same manner as the original. All mechanical swinger clocks should be considered “novelties” and not an accurate time piece. There is an adjustment knob on the swing mechanism which will allow for calibration, however, variation of up to 2-3 minutes per day can be expected