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10 – Perfect. This would be a brand new clock still in the original factory box. Zero imperfections. Most clocks sitting in dealer’s showrooms would not be able to obtain this grade. We have never offered a clock for sale in this grade nor have we seen one available in the pre-owned market.


9 - This is what most people would call a “10” but we are very picky. A clock in this grade would appear to be in perfect condition and only the closest inspection may reveal a very small imperfection or two.


8 - This is the grade we strive for when selecting clocks for sale. Clocks in this grade are in perfect running condition. Movement and brass components appear to be nearly flawless. The cabinet shows beautifully and only minor imperfections may be present near the bottom of the cabinet or in other inconspicuous areas.


7- Clocks in this grade are in perfect running condition. Movement and brass components may show only minor imperfects. The cabinet shows beautifully under normal circumstance but very close inspection may reveal imperfections such as small dents, dings, rub marks or blemishes in the finish. Most pre-owned clocks we come across fall into this grade or lower.


6 – This is the grade we reserve for clocks that function properly but have several blemishes. The blemishes are not to be in the “damage” category as the cabinet and components should be intact and in sturdy, good working order. Typically, we do not offer clocks in this grade unless there is an exceptional circumstance which makes them desirable. Restored antique clocks most likely fall into this category.


5 – We would never offer a clock in this category unless we were just about “giving it away”. Clocks in this grade will function but may need minor adjusting to be in perfect running order. Cabinets will display blemishes that should be addressed to provide a well displayed clock.


4 - 1 – We reserve these lower grades for clocks that need repair. A higher grade would indicate a clock that is a nice clock that is repairable. Lower grades would be for broken clocks that should only be considered as static displays or stripped for their parts.

About Clocks for Sale

ABOUT THE CLOCKS WE SELL: We sell “slightly” used clocks that are in superb condition. All clocks we sell are cleaned, serviced, oiled and adjusted if necessary. They are allowed to run (and chime) for at least 8 days while being observed for anomalies. Only perfectly running clocks are listed for sale. Our clocks are not low end, chain-driven clocks with lightweight cabinets. They are higher end, cable-driven clocks of heirloom quality. Our starting bid amount is by far the lowest price on the internet for this model clock. Take advantage now and get the clock you have always wanted at a fraction of list price.

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